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Atlanta Bourbon Company acquires capital for its expansion via the sale of securities to companies and qualified investors excluding persons in jurisdictions in which the purchase of such securities is illegal or prohibited. Companies and persons for whom it would be illegal to purchase our securities are expressly prohibited from subscribing these securities or using this website. Any investment in Atlanta Bourbon Company is governed by the United States securities laws, including the Securities Exchange Act of 1933, and other federal and state provisions.


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General notes to risks and offerings

1. No offering

The contents of this Internet page must not be understood as an offering to sell securities or otherwise invest in the business and products described on this website. The website is intended to provide general information, and any investment transaction will require direct discussion with Atlanta Bourbon Company.

2. Further bases for decisions

In case of interest you can call for complete free-of-charge information of individual products from our headquarters: Atlanta Bourbon Company, Inc., 140 Park East Drive, Roswell, GA 30075, USA., Email: info(at) The contents should be thoroughly read by the user before deciding in favor of a product of Atlanta Bourbon Company.

3. No investment advice

The information available on our Internet page does not represent an advisory for investment or a recommendation to buy the products presented on the website.

4. Historical performance of securities

Unfortunately, the performance of securities for any similar products or business in the past is no indicator or guarantee of future performance.

5. No warranty for external contents

Although the information on our website comes from information sources which we rated as reliable we cannot take over any warranty for completeness, actuality and reason-ability. All statements exclusively reflect our currently valid rating and can be changed without notice.

6. Use of Internet page / website

6.1. Modification of website

We reserve the right to modify this website in full or in part anytime and/or to restrict, interrupt or close the operation.

6.2. Modification of terms of use

We reserve the right to complete and/or modify the terms of use anytime.

7. Copyright

Design and contents of our website are protected by copyright; kindly contact us if you want to copy extracts from our website or other contents of our publications of any type.

8. Data protection

We respect the privacy of the users and visitors of this website. We store, process and erase personal data which is collected when visiting our investor website pages, in conformity with the legal regulations.

9. Security of data communication

Unfortunately, we cannot undertake any guarantee of the security of data transferred via Internet or e-mail. There is a risk that the information in e-mails and attachments, including confidential information, is caught or damages during transfer or go lost or arrive too late.

10. Applicable right and place of jurisdiction:

These conditions and also the place of jurisdiction are subject in some areas to the German Law – in other areas to the US Law. Kindly contact us under +1 4047714332 for details to this issue or consult a trusted attorney or tax advisor.

13. Sales restrictions

The products described on the Investors page of this website are not allowed to be sold in all other countries and are reserved in any case for the group of persons being designated as accredited investors. The sales restrictions for defined products are specified in the relevant brochures and should be thoroughly read by the user.

In particular, the following restrictions will be valid:
Legal subjects situated In the USA
The information on this website regarding investment is not intended for investors in the United States. For US-citizens the access to this website for purposes of making an investment by US citizens is prohibited. Information from this Internet page is not allowed to be distributed or passed on in the USA or other countries where the legal regulations may be violated. The listed securities are not and will be not registered according to the US-Securities Act of 1933, and the trading with these securities according to the US-Commodities Exchange Act of 1936 is not approved. The securities are not allowed to be sold or offered in the USA, to US citizens or to legal subjects situated in the USA.

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We may update this Policy.

From time to time we may change our privacy policies. We will notify you of any material changes to our Policy as required by law. We will also post an updated copy on our website. Please check our site periodically for updates.

If you have any questions about this Policy, please email us at info(at)


Additions to this Regulations & Shares Agreement

Please read as well our Legal & Disclaimer and Risk Agreement Page which are part of this agreement.