Every business entails risks and benefits, profit opportunities, but also potential for loss – you know this and we know this, and therefore we would like to acquaint you with the potentially remaining risks here. Please do not hesitate to call us if you have any questions or send us an email at info(at)atlanta-bourbon.com

General risks

The statements and opinions contained herein represent the individual opinions of individual persons and do not refer to specific situations, experience, risk profiles or fiscal and legal situation of individual investors. Furthermore, they do not take into account the legal and fiscal implications of any specific investment. Please note that we cannot guarantee the success of an investment that you undertake based on the information provided by us/our partners to you. Please note that investments are always inherently risky. Moreover, an investment can suffer unpredictable losses, in the worst case up to the entire loss of the investment due to political, economic, market-related or other developments.

Forward-looking statements and unforeseeable events

This internet page contains forward-looking statements regarding our current assessment of events that may potentially take place in the future. Expressions such as „hope“, „anticipate“, „assume“, „believe“, „assess“, „forecast“, „expect“, „intend“, „can/could“, „plan“, „project“, „should“ and similar terms indicate such so-called „forward-looking statements“.
These statements and information entail additional risks and uncertainties – more so than the usual financial analyses. Some examples for this are negative global economic trends, particularly a decline in demand in our most important markets, a deterioration of the sovereign debt crisis in the Eurozone, growing political tensions in Eastern Europe, deteriorating refinancing options for us in the credit and financial markets, unavoidable force majeure events such as natural disasters, epidemics, terrorist acts, political unrest, industrial accidents and their subsequent impact on our sales, purchasing, production or financing activities, exchange rate fluctuations, or a potential loss in acceptance for our products and services as a result of impairment in the establishment of our prices and in the production capacity utilization, raw materials price increases, production disruptions due to material shortages, employee strike actions or supplier insolvencies, a decline in resale prices, a successful implementation of cost reduction and efficiency improvement measures, the business outlook of companies of which we are significant shareholders, the successful implementation of strategic cooperation activities and joint ventures, the change of laws, provisions and regulatory guidelines, to the extent that the refer to vehicle emissions, fuel consumption and safety, and the conclusion of ongoing government investigations and the outcome of pending or threatened future legal proceedings and additional risks and uncertainties.
If one of these risk factors or uncertainties comes to pass or if the forward-looking statements or underlying assumptions turn out to be wrong, the actual results may significantly deviate from the results implicitly or explicitly mentioned in these statements. We do not intend, nor do we undertake to continually update forward-looking statements as these are exclusively based on the existing situation on the day of publication.
Accuracy and completeness of information
Moreover, please note that all statements on this website contain information that we have carefully compiled. However, we do not assume any liability for the accuracy and completeness of this information. The assessments and evaluations reflect the author’s views at the time the respective statement was created. Forecasts regarding the price performance of our security, our IPO or other developments do not provide a guarantee for the accuracy of these forecasts in the future. The information and reports provided by us are provided to us in part and/or in full by third parties. Although we are certain that our sources are reliable and trustworthy, we cannot guarantee the scope, accuracy, completeness and timeliness of this information.

General note on risks

Any forecasts that we may publish or communicate do not represent a warranty or 100% reliable guarantee for the performance of our company or of our shareholdings and/or the creditworthiness of our creditors, which may be relevant for the future development of our company.

Please note that investments are always inherently risky. Unforeseen losses may occur due to political, economic, market-related or other developments.

We may update this Policy.

From time to time we may change our privacy policies. We will notify you of any material changes to our Policy as required by law. We will also post an updated copy on our website. Please check our site periodically for updates.

If you have any questions about this Policy, please email us at info(at)atlanta-bourbon.com.

Additions to this Risk Agreement

Please read as well our Legal & Disclaimer and Regulation & Shares Page which are part of this agreement.