Seminar & Tastings

 “ There is no bad whiskey. There are only some whiskeys that aren’t as good as others.” Raymond Chandler


  • Tasting Scotch Regions

    Experience and taste typical whiskeys from Scotland and find your favorite region.

  • Whiskey Country Competition

    Scotland vs Ireland – which country produces your favorite whisk(e)y? Your taste decides! We will also explore whiskey’ from the different regions of these countries. Highlands or the Islands, what’s your pleasure?

  • Whiskeys of the world

    Whiskeys from around the world, learn about their historical and distilling specifics.

  • Vertical Tastings

    We compare three craft distilleries with two comparable young and old products. Be surprised that age may not be everything.

  • Tasting Classics Cognacs

    Cognac is one of the oldest drinks in the history of mankind. Learn about its flavors and history from one of the 35 cognac educators worldwide.

  • Rums of the Americas

    Rum was likely invented in Brazil or the Caribbean Island of Barbados. Come back in history to honor this truly American drink.

  • Gin Classics Tasting

    Learn to distinguish the classic gin types and join us on our trip back to the early days of distilling in Europe.

  • Gin & Tonic Tasting

    Learn about craft gins and how their flavor profiles interact with different tonic waters. Be surprised that pairing of both is essential for creating this perfect summer cocktail.

  • Barrel Aged Spirits Tasting

    Explore the world of barrel aged spirits! This extraordinary tasting explores and compares different types of barrel aged spirits from whiskey, rum, cognac, gin and eaux-de-vie.


    What makes our tasting seminars different? Our goal is to show the variety and extraordinary excellence of true craft, while we are waiting.



    Our tasting series will be hosted by renown industry experts. Come and learn from the best with us!

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