Atlanta Bourbon Vision

Our vision is that Atlanta Bourbon Company will establish the world’s first independent craft distillery franchise group. I am convinced that a consistent focus on genuine, locally produced premium craft products will permanently set us apart from our competitors.

My “Atlanta Bourbon Purity Law” is based on the original craft distillation art and a classic barrel maturation of alcohol. Atlanta Bourbon opposes white-labeling, and the use of additives which is common practice in the industry today to make less quality products tasty enough for sale. We are convinced that a well-trained Master Distiller can produce a small delicacy with each barrel. So, our focus at Atlanta Bourbon Company is different: instead of focusing on enhancing alcohol, we’re banking on training future Master Distillers.

Atlanta Bourbon Company will have the most master distillers and talents worldwide. With our local products, we will be able to produce a creative variety in the premium segment, which is thus far unknown on the market.